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Messagepar Corey Parks » 24.01.2004 - 18:38

Iron Maiden: Fear of the dark/Hallowed be thy name/Seventh son...
Black Sabbath: Paranoid/Children of the grave/War pigs/Nativity...
Deep Purple: Highway star/Burn/Lady from Tokyo/Hush
Alice Cooper: Poison/He's back/Feed My Frankenstein...
Lynyrd Skynyrd: blue, white and red/simple man/freebird/sweet home alabama...
Dire Straits: Brothers in arms/tunnel of love/fade to black/money for nothing
White Zombie: Thunderkiss'65/Welcome to planet motherfucker
Rob Zombie: Superbeast/Feel so numb/Never gonna stop
Danzig: blood and tears
Ozzy Osbourne: dreamer/changes/bark at the moon
Queen: who wants to live forever/is this the world we created...
Slayer: raining blood/angel of death/hell awaits/disciple
Nine Inch Nails: burn/closer/terrible lie/march of the pigs
Static X: fix/anything but this/loser/burning inside
Godsmack: straight out of line
Led Zeppelin: stairway to heaven
U2: with or without you
AC/DC: thunderstruck/you shook me all night long
Marilyn Manson: antichrist superstar/man that you fear/long hard road out of hell
Suicidal Tendencies: noboy hears/love vs loveliness
Marianne Faithful: who will take your dreams away
Björk: yoga/bachelorette/Unravel
The Velvet Underground: sweet jane
Jean Michel Jarre: chants magnétiques/zoolookologie/ethnicolor/chronologie 7...
Renaud: marche à l'ombre/Miss Maggie
VNV Nation: rubicon/kingdom/further/4 am
Kraftwerk: Das modell
Rammstein: sonne/mutter
Velvet Acid Christ: the dark inside me/mdma
Dulce Liquido: disolucion/pissed of
Hocico: distorted face/devouring rage/whee angels don't sing
DJ Shadow: midnight in a perfect world
Wasp : the idol
Europe: on brokern wings/rock the night/the final countdown
Pet Shop Boys: it's a sin
Alphaville: sounds like a melody/forever young/big in japan
Visage: fade to grey
Nirvana: heart shaped box/polly/smells like.../tourettes
Hole: Miss world/she walks over me
Guns n roses: november rain/coma/sweet child of mine
Offsprings: million miles way/feelings et plein d'autres...
Mylene Farmer: regrets/rêver/pardonnes moi/inamoramento
Elvis Presley: are you lonesome tonight/jailhouse rock
Daft Punk: nightvision/one more time...
Nashville Pussy: go motherfucker go/go to hell/all fucked up
Murderdolls: love at the first fright/graverobbing usa/197666
Noir Désir: tostaky/l'homme pressé/un jour en france
Bonnie Tyler: total eclipse of the heart
Coldplay: clocks/yellow/parachutes
Gorillaz: Clint Eastwood
Cannibal Corpse: hammer smashed face
Cypress Hill: i wanna get high
Michel Polnareff: goodbye Marylou
Enya: may it be
Seal: Killer
Richard Cocciante: coup de soleil/pour elle
Gainsbourg: je t'aime moi non plus/la javanaise/la marseillaise/lemon incest/sea sex and sun/le poinsonneur des lilas..

et des tonnes d'autres toutes aussi variées
You call that begging? I'm sure you can beg better!
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Messagepar ZombieGirl » 27.01.2004 - 08:19

pour le moment je dirai

living dead girl de Rob Zombie
dreamer d'Ozzy Osborne
sex, beer and Rob Zombie!!!

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